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Galapagos: summary video

It is difficult to write about my trip to the Galapagos – it was like a sensory overload.  Everyday seemed more amazing than the previous. I was so fortunate to get a place on the Seaman II at the last minute.

This is my first time videoing and taking photos underwater.  I got better at it each day as my aim improved, as it was impossible to see on the camera what I was shooting. Coming back on the boat it was always a surprise to upload my photos.

I took so many photographs and video clips – how many? I am too embarrassed to say, however I have whittled them down to a selection for this video that is just under 8 minutes long.  I can’t watch it without tearing up……..  I hope you enjoy it.  Please leave me a comment…………

To do it justice please watch in full screen  🙂

Music Excerpts:
Ecuador by Sash! on Ministry of Sound – The Annual 15 Years
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong on Jazz Moods
Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassidy on Eva by Heart


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Un Cambio por la Vida en Galapagos

A Change for Life for the Galapagos

Meeting someone like Daniel Proaña restores my faith in humanity. He is an inspiration and with his vision and family support he has the potential to have a much needed impact on the next generation of Galapageans.

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Two schools on Santa Cruz: Galapagos

Runak Kunapak Yachai on Santa Cruz, Galapagos, is a school for indigenous children.  Indigenous Ecuadoreans refers to the people from the highlands on the mainland, the people of the Andes. They are considered a minority in the Galapagos.  Continue reading

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