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Getting to Lysebotn

When my sister asked me if I wanted to come with her to see our brother jump in the Heliboogie, I instantly got so excited about the possibility!!  Wow!  The Heliboogie is a prestigious BASE event and one I have always been super interested in. Add to this I have always wanted to go to Norway — and 4 flights later plus a long, slow and scarey drive over the mountain — here I am!!  Natalie picked me up from Stavanger. Here are some scenes from the drive over the mountain, and I must say I was pretty impressed with Natalie’s driving – not only on the other side of the road, but also in negotiating oncoming traffic in full on fog and mist on roads barely wide enough for one car. Continue reading

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Norge, her kommer jeg!

A new post for a new adventure! Well overdue. Not that I haven’t had many adventures since 2013 – just the adventures have been a little more dispersed and there are several posts owing here – very outstanding, you might say.  But never too late to resume and what better than a trip to Heliboogie 2017! Will be meeting my sis there to watch our lil’ brother do his thing….. to give you a preview, here is Simon at 2’15” in the bright orange squirrel suit, in last year’s Heliboogie.

Watch this space for updates!!

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