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A bumpy ride on the Tazara Express

IMG_2516Ever since I read Paul Theroux’s Dark Star Safari, I have wanted to travel on the Tazara Express – the railway line from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to Kampiri Mposhi in Zambia, built by the Chinese in the early 1970’s.  Whenever I mentioned this to anyone in Kenya, I was promptly told I was mad and given a zillion reasons why I should NOT take this train. It was deemed unsafe and unreliable and I was sure to get robbed! The trip could take anything from 2 days to a week, depending on how many times the train derails! Continue reading


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Happy Birthday Jenna from Chobe River, Botswana

It was rather exciting to know that one year ago my daughter was exactly where I am now.  I decided to make this video message for her 25th birthday. The video features a walk around the Victoria FAlls then on an outing to Chobe National Park, first on a river cruise and then on safari.  This involved going through a spot where 4 countries meet – remarkable!  Also I have never seen so many hippos in all my life or been so close to any!  Enjoy! Chobe National Park is very special!


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Victoria Falls from the air

IMG_0710Was I scared?  Hell yes!  The Microlite is really a hang glider with a lawn mower on the back!  You are just dangling there in the open air, wobbling about.  It feels terribly flimsy!  My adrenaline was racing and my body tense the entire time, but I highly recommend it!   Continue reading

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Fun on the Zambezi River

Joyce about to boardApart from visiting the Victoria Falls, I had a lot of fun on the Zambezi River.  The Sunset Cruise, known more commonly as “The Booze Cruise” was wonderful.  The cost was $60US which included great food and as much as you could drink in the 3 hours we were on the water. I am not kidding! I enjoyed gin & tonics all the way. Continue reading


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On the EDGE!! Livingstone Island

I am so far behind with my posts, having climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and visited Zanzibar, travelled across Tanzania and Zambia on the Tazara Express, flown over the Victoria Falls in a Microlight and been on a river cruise in Chobe National Park in Botswana…..  but I will put this one up for now — it is today’s little adventure, on Livingstone Island, at the top of the Victoria Falls, but best not watch it if you are scared of heights!.  Enjoy!!

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