Holiday on Isla Contadora

IMG_9039The rest of the week spent with the Botero family on Contadora Island was truly wonderful.  The family really enjoyed my little evening video reviews of the day, so I continued to make them.

Day  4 we chilled out on the beautiful Cacique Beach.  The kids hired a kayak and Camilla and Augustin managed to surf in a wave and get completely dumped.  We went out on the boat in the afternoon for the sunset and had a wonderful meal Casa Tortuga, the home of an Italian chef.

Day 5 we went for another dive to consolidate on the previous milestone, but it was a matter of 1 step forward and 2 back as I freaked a bit and was completely uncomfortable.  It might have been because the visibility was so bad due to masses of coral spawning.  Oh dear – back to square 1.

Day 6 was Alejandro’s birthday.  The girls decorated the little pavilion in the garden and we had a little celebration.

The final day Camilla, Alejandro and I went out on the boat to a beautiful little island that is used by the navy police. On our return, we packed up and left on the ferry.  The captain kindly allowed us up on the deck and I was amazed that this huge vessel could just rock up right on the beach!  Especially amazed after our little embarrassing beaching experience on the first day!!



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