Fun on the Zambezi River

Joyce about to boardApart from visiting the Victoria Falls, I had a lot of fun on the Zambezi River.  The Sunset Cruise, known more commonly as “The Booze Cruise” was wonderful.  The cost was $60US which included great food and as much as you could drink in the 3 hours we were on the water. I am not kidding! I enjoyed gin & tonics all the way. Continue reading


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On the EDGE!! Livingstone Island

I am so far behind with my posts, having climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and visited Zanzibar, travelled across Tanzania and Zambia on the Tazara Express, flown over the Victoria Falls in a Microlight and been on a river cruise in Chobe National Park in Botswana…..  but I will put this one up for now — it is today’s little adventure, on Livingstone Island, at the top of the Victoria Falls, but best not watch it if you are scared of heights!.  Enjoy!!

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Gorillas in Uganda: a lifelong dream fulfilled…

MVI_1012Sitting in the airport café, Ruth says to me “Don’t you think it a bit ominous there is a black out in an international airport? Too true – aren’t airports supposed to be secured against such things? Isn’t’ an emergency generator supposed to kick in at some point? I pondered the effects this might have on the control tower, but before I had time to dwell on this point, a loud “fuck” echoed across the café.  We both glanced across at a well-dressed white businessman typing away on his laptop in the booth next to us.  No – surely not!  But yes – there it came again: “Fuck”!  Or was it “farck”? No – definitely “Fuck” with a long drawn out American vowel and the volume to match. Continue reading


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Tsavo East National Park


I slowly opened my eyes and looked up through thick fly wire netting sown into a heavy green canvas window, momentarily confused about where I was.  A wide toothy grin on the face of a young man greeted me with another “Jambo” whilst pouring tea into a white cup and saucer on a small table outside.  “Jambo” I replied sleepily, “Mzuri”. Continue reading


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Nairobi National Park

IMG_0198What is so amazing about Nairobi National Park is how close it is to the city!  It is quite surreal taking photographs of giraffes and rhinos in the wild with city buildings in the background.  What foresight it was to have set aside this precious land for the wildlife. Continue reading

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Kuwinda Slum: Nairobi

IMG_1074Today I was invited to tea in the Kuwinda Slum, quite near to Brookhouse school where I am currently visiting. Faith, the librarian and teacher in charge of social services in the high school, took me to show me the container the students had purchased to be made into a children’s library for the community. The decision to purchase a container rather than construct a building is due to the real possibility that the community could one day be evicted. A library in a container is portable, should the need arise. Continue reading


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Savage Wilderness Camp: Sagana, Kenya

The idyllic Savage Wilderness Campsite

I was very lucky to enjoy an exciting three days of outdoor adventure activities together with 60 year 10 students from Brookhouse International school, where I have been staying as a guest.  We set out on Friday morning and after driving along very bumpy, pothole ridden roads, we arrived at the Savage Wilderness Camp in time for lunch.  What a beautiful surprise it was!  Right from the moment I arrived and saw the lush green idyllic grounds along the banks of the fast moving Tana River, to the moment I left, completely exhausted, I was super impressed. Continue reading

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