Victoria Falls from the air

IMG_0710Was I scared?  Hell yes!  The Microlite is really a hang glider with a lawn mower on the back!  You are just dangling there in the open air, wobbling about.  It feels terribly flimsy!  My adrenaline was racing and my body tense the entire time, but I highly recommend it!  I was lucky to have a wonderful pilot who explained everything clearly and kept reassuring me.  He was terrific at spotting wildlife and explaining some features of the Falls.  His name is Pascal and he used to be a fighter pilot for the Zimbabwe airforce, so I guess I was in pretty safe hands!

Having walked around the Victoria Falls, it was terrific to get an aerial view of the layout of the falls and see the geography of the zig-zagging gorges and how they have moved over the thousands of years.

the zig-zagging gorges who how the Falls has moved over thousands of years

the zig-zagging gorges show how the Falls have moved over thousands of years

It was also possible to get a clear view of the eastern crack which indicates where the Falls are heading in the next few thousand years. Our 15 minute flight took us over the Falls from the Zambia side and across into the Zimbabwe side.  At this particular time the Falls are very full so water flows in a massive sheet the entire length.  In the drier season only the Zimbabwe side flows. Below I have included an aerial photo of the Falls in the dry season. I am so lucky to have been here in the high water.

Click the picture to open the lightbox.  Enjoy!


strapped in

and take off

flying over a herd of elephants

heading along the Zambezi

towards the Falls on the Zambia side

Crossing over the Falls

coming around and approaching from the Zimbawe side

View from the Zimbabwe side looking across to Zambia

spotting wildlife on the islands

safe landing

and a hug for the pilot

The Victoria Falls in high water

The Falls in the dry season. The entire Zambia side is dry.




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