My first attempt at blogging. – Why? Because I am off on a year’s adventure and my family, friends and students have persuaded me to stay in touch.  I figure this is a good way to do so, without having to email everyone and risk leaving someone out. If anyone is interested in what I am up to, they now know where to look.

I will endeavour to post when I can, although there will be times and places where that will not be possible. Just remember “no news is good news”.

This year off is an unpaid sabbatical, although I have heard it called:

– “A midlife crisis” by a certain child of mine

– “A menopausal thing” by the ladies at the Vancouver immunization centre

– “A typical Karen insane thing to do” by a colleague of mine (who happens to be a Kiwi – enough said!)

I have also heard: “oh, she must have read Eat, Pray, Love“.  If I had to name an author who has inspired me, then it would be Paul Theroux, especially his book “Dark Star Safari”.  I would love to travel his way, but I have bowed to pressure and will remain communicatory.

Those who know me well know that I have wanted to do this for a very long time and now is the time.

Enjoy my blog…..

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  1. Sandra Binny

    So brave and so amazing what you are doing. God bless and keep you safe on your travels. Sandra

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