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Victoria Falls from the air

IMG_0710Was I scared?  Hell yes!  The Microlite is really a hang glider with a lawn mower on the back!  You are just dangling there in the open air, wobbling about.  It feels terribly flimsy!  My adrenaline was racing and my body tense the entire time, but I highly recommend it!   Continue reading

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On the EDGE!! Livingstone Island

I am so far behind with my posts, having climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and visited Zanzibar, travelled across Tanzania and Zambia on the Tazara Express, flown over the Victoria Falls in a Microlight and been on a river cruise in Chobe National Park in Botswana…..  but I will put this one up for now — it is today’s little adventure, on Livingstone Island, at the top of the Victoria Falls, but best not watch it if you are scared of heights!.  Enjoy!!

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